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What it means for you...

You may recall that in January 2012, Glyn Maddock, senior partner with Premium Watch Financial Services of Holmes Chapel, took the carefully considered decision to transfer business to Willson Grange Limited.

At a time of significant regulatory changes within the financial services sector, it was clear to Glyn, that it would become increasingly difficult for a smaller independent financial firm such as Premium Watch to operate as efficiently as they had always done ‐ and for such a dedicated partnership, this, naturally, was of some concern to them.

Always looking at the bigger picture, Glyn felt the time was right to seek a new solution that would offer you, his loyal clients, security for many years to come whilst giving your finances the best possible advantage in a fast‐changing world.

Glyn chose Willson Grange, as one of the UK’s most professional, experienced and highly qualified financial planning teams, to guide and secure for you a worry‐free, enjoyable future.

For our part, the team at Willson Grange are delighted to be working with Glyn’s clients, getting to know you and spending time with you as you head towards your own personal financial goals ‐ whether that’s your own retirement, providing for/protecting your loved ones as they grow up or grow old, or simply building up a nest‐egg to enjoy at your leisure.

We hope that you are already experiencing the benefits of being with us. Our aim is that you can become as confident as we are in our approach and that you will continue to reap the rewards of a highly managed, regularly reviewed, complete financial plan.

If you have any questions, concerns, or feel the need for advice on any financial issue, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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