Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown
Office Manager

T: 0151 632 7100

Sarah’s role can be described as having a "helicopter view" over the whole of the Willson Grange business as she links together the para‐planning, admin and advisory teams. Sarah joined Willson Grange in 2010. Her role involves operating an internal business data monitoring system, where she can see at a glance how each adviser’s caseload is progressing. Seeing the whole picture, she puts measures in place to make sure all our clients’ business is processed quickly and efficiently. In short, Sarah makes things happen!

As she explains: "Our Financial Advisers rely on the support of a team of para-planners [the people who prepare your plan with projections, proposals and options] ‐ who in turn need the support of an administrative team. It’s a slick process and simple in theory. But as we’re managing more than £300 million in client assets, the process needs careful professional management. It’s crucial that our clients have the best experience without any unnecessary delays."

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